Do I need a licence to race at the SpeedDome?

Yes, you will need a race licence if you wish to compete in Friday Night Racing. Race licences can be obtained from Cycling Australia ( If you wish to utilise the track on a weekly basis it is advised that you become a member of Track Cycling WA. Click here to read about the benefits of a TCWA membership.

When can I ride the SpeedDome?

There are various sessions for various abilities held throughout the week and also on Saturdays. Please follow this link to see weekly track availability.

Are spectators allowed at the SpeedDome?

Spectators are encouraged! The SpeedDome has the capacity for 1500 spectators. It is free to spectate training sessions and most racing events.

What do I wear?

Cycling bibshorts and a jersey is going to give you the most comfort, however if you don’t have these things then shorts and a t-shirt with runners will be fine. If you use cycling shoes you are encouraged to bring them, along with your pedals if hiring a bike. Don’t forget to bring your helmet!

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes, as long as it is a track bike (no brakes, single fixed gear). If you do not own a track bike the venue offers bike hire for $10.

Is there anything else I should bring?

Water and snacks, there is a water fountain on the premises sometimes a tuck shop depending on the session. A change of clothes (especially in the colder months), a towel for wiping away perspiration and a change of shoes is also a good idea.
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