It is expected that all riders presenting for track competition will be competent in track craft, skills and protocols, and have at least a working knowledge of track cycling technical regulations and Cycling Australia Code of Conduct. Click here to view the CA Code of Conduct.

Track Cycling WA have put together a handbook, please give it a read before turning up to the velodrome. TCWA Velodrome Riding Handbook

There are many events within the discipline of track racing. Below are a list of the more common events
An Omnium is a combination of different events generally held over the course of a few days. Points are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd and a winner awarded at the end of the Omnium based on how many points were accumulated. Consistency is key in this event.
Scratch race: A bunch race where the first person across the line wins. Despite its simplicity, this event can be exciting due to the breakaways, lap gains and bunch sprints.
Points race: Bunch race over a fixed distance. Points are awarded for ‘intermediate sprints’ and points also awarded for riders that lap the field. The rider with the most points wins. A great deal of speed, stamina, technical skill and tactical awareness are required to do well in a points race.
Madison: Two riders make up a team, with a maximum of 18 teams on the track. Generally set over 50km, this is a spectacular event where riders accumulate points by winning intermediate sprints. Riders take over from their team-mate, either by a touch of the shorts or a Madison sling.
Keirin: Originating from Japan, 6-8 riders are paced behind a motorbike (derny), jostling to get the best position in the sprint. Once the derny pulls off the track it is a sprint to the finish, usually 600-700 metres.
A mass-start race where the last rider over the finish line is eliminated. Once down to a certain number of riders there will be a sprint for the finish.

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