Sport 4 All

What is Sport 4 All?

Sport 4 All is a new $20 million (over four years) state government initiative to increase the number of kids at community sport and recreation clubs. Sport 4 All is made up of four programs, which are outlined in detail in the flyer link below.


  • Kids who are part of the community are less likely to damage that community
  • It’s a great investment. The cost of putting 600 kids into a club = the cost of putting one kid in jail for a year.
  • Kids who are physically active do better at school.
  • Clubs are positive places with great role models.
  • Clubs are the glue that keeps many communities together.
  • Kids who have the opportunity to play outside in an unstructured way develop decision-making skills that hours in front of the screen do not give them.

More Information

Sport 4 All Flyer

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